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New York Times omtaler Mette Frederiksens besøg på Aalborg Katedralskole

Mette Frederiksens besøg på Aalborg Katedralskole har skabt genlyd verden rundt. I tirsdagens udgave af New York Times kunne man læse om besøget og spørgsmål fra Mathilde, 3.b og Carla, 1.d (fotoet nederst herunder):  

” It was the sort of campaign appearance that Mette Frederiksen, leader of the left-leaning Social Democrats, would have ordinarily considered friendly terrain — a gathering of environmentally minded students in her hometown, Aalborg, in Denmark. Except the students demanded whether Ms. Frederiksen knew the carbon footprint of the red roses her party gave away at campaign stops.

She didn’t. And the students — who also criticized her climate policy for failing to mention the Paris accord — didn’t let her forget it.

“We want action. Something must happen,” said Mathilde Christiansen, a senior.”